Friday, August 19, 2005

Favourite Photographs

Was browsing through some old magazines and there was a Q & A with a photographer.

One of the questions was a seemingly simple 'What's your favourite photograph?'.

This is really hard to pin down when you think about it. Ironically enough, she picked a photograph that I adore from Sally Mann. That said, I'd hardly call it my 'favourite'.

Going back a bit, there are influential photographs which I'm very much aware of when I'm working. The capsicum pictures from Edward Weston, the new Trees book from Ansel Adams, Mapplethorpe, Mann, Selgado, Peress, Diane Arbus, Mary Ellen Mark, Serrano .... the list is never ending.

Christine Webster (NZ Photo) and Carole Shephard (NZ Photo) had a big influence on me, the dance work of Douglas Wright, even music that I 'discovered' in the early 90s feeling switched gears. Outside the realm of photography, many other images or films have also made their mark.

It's something that really makes you think ... what influences you the 'most'? Can you pin down one thing? Is there one song that changed your life? One artwork that REALLY changed the way you look at the world?