Thursday, September 22, 2005

Staring at the computer

Had a long day today ... have been typesetting my nut off and I'm a bit blurry eyed.

It has to make you wonder how long the human body can handle our 'computer' lifestyle. I really have problems with fixed focussing, sore wrists and back as well as some neck problems I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

Admittedly, I've been working (or had something to do) with computers for almost 20 years now. I still remember the first day with our first computer - a long since (hopefully) composted Spectrum 48k. Both my brother and I sat for 14 straight hours on the floor in front of this thing in the corner of our house.

Later on came an Commodore 64 (had a fantastic smell!) which we thrashed to pieces then an Amiga 500 ... also suitably thrashed. First Apple was around 1986-87 with a few old green screeners that my Maths teacher (Terry McMahon -- always wanted to check if he was a genius or not) used to teach us a bit of BASIC. The first Macs came later at Art School and were rudimentary at best.

I would hope that the computer evolves further to be more 'me'-friendly. When you think about it, it's not so far back along the foodchain before you get to the humble mechanical typewriter.

The interface needs to fundamentally evolve. People need to think more outside the box of simple QWERTY and voice recognition. I daren't say that I have the solution.

I keep thinking that there is no way I can do this for another 30 years with even a bit more of keytapping in retirement.

I also think there'll be a pandemic of obesity, RSI and optical problems in the future ... the West will finally submit to it's own form of population control. Everyone's living longer and more 'comfortably' but will take recurring problems with them into retirement. Ultimately the health care and welfare system will collapse in on itself.

As I said ... blurry eyed.

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