Thursday, October 13, 2005

Apple ... my hero! (again!)

The release today of the new Apple iPod Video and it's support network is something much more significant than at first glance.

I have become increasing frustrating at television networks when it comes to actually watching TV.

These ideas of varying advertising break lengths and intervals 'forces' you to dwell around the noxious little beast.

With some of the local low end advertising offering you 90% off a rug for 'this weekend only' ... every week and others literally screaming at you for 90 seconds (Burswood Dome sales!) it's a genuinely unpleasant experience.

What Apple has done, beyond the usual toys, is make episodes of TV series available to download one day after they've screened in the US. These downloads are completely commercial free and, relatively speaking, cheap (US$5-6 each).

Ok ... in perspective, a new release 2 hour movie on DVD costs AUD$7/night ... but ... you can't keep it and watch it when you wish and there is often the inconvenience of having to visit a video store (dreary places at the best of times).

A new release 2 hour movie in American Cinemas apparently costs upwards of US$12!

There are some factors that I'm not so sure of yet... ie. can the rest of world access these downloads?

In Australia we can't access music on the music store as it's essentially against the law to download ANY music.

The other factor is quality ... these are potentially intended for the iPod Video with it's very small screen.

Either which way, it's a step in the right direction ... video and entertainment on demand will finally decentralise a bit of the power away from the Murdoch's and co.

They've just got to keep Gatesy out of the picture!

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