Sunday, October 02, 2005

On the emulsion (I hope) ...

Have been around a few locations lately that 'do it for me' proverbially.

First up was the rather dangerous site of Ashby house up in Wanneroo. Great interior with the advantage of heaps of light thanks to the lack of an actual roof. The lack of a 'stable' floor also makes for some interesting gymnastics. An old bed frame, moss, old tables and a fireplace made it into a great visual treat. Went back yesterday to reshoot it on MF slide (initially on 35mm neg) and hope that it sparks again.

Next up was the Bristile Kilns in Belmont. Fantastic honeycomb kilns that are rustic for want of a better word. Very toxic looking inside and again a bit hairy with holes and the like. It's pencilled as a heritage site but should be enshrined. There's something very unusual and otherworldly about this place and something that should be preserved regardless of it's land value --- which would be considerable.

Also did a drive-by of the Maylands Brick works which look amazing from the outside at least ... have tried to get permission to get in there and hope that I can get some good images out of it.

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