Friday, December 30, 2005

Dhu Fish (Pearl Perch)

Dhu Fish is really a fantastic eat and well worth the dosh.

It can be a bit hard to get for a 'reasonable' price considering that some
fish markets (ie. Kailis Brothers in Perth) sells fillets for anything
between AUD$50-60/kilo.

They quite often will also sell whole fish and will fillet them on the spot
for $20 a kilo (bones and all). Considering that some fish can weigh between
10-15 kgs that can be an expensive exercise. Smaller examples are often hard
to come by.

If you ever get to Geraldton (approx 400km north of Perth) make sure you go
to the docks and there you can pick up fantastically fresh Dhu Fish for less
than $15/kg. The difference will blow even the hardest fish eater away!

We get ours snap frozen (and home delivered!) through West Coast Seafoods in
Perth. A 2kg bag costs $40 and provided you defrost the fillet (one is
normally enough for both of us!) in the fridge overnight you still get the
delicateness of fresh fish -- not as soft but still very nice.

We simply season and dust with flour before cooking 2 minutes each side in a
little bit of oil. Normally a tick more if it's a bit thicker. Have only
once had Dhu Fish deep fried (to my great regret) and wouldn't recommend it.

It all goes a treat with a sauce made up of salted capers, garlic, butter
and cream. Big fan of a simple mash with this and a VERY cold glass of
Chenin Blanc.

The sweetness of the wine, the saltiness of the sauce and the fragility of
the fish really melt together wonderfully!

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