Saturday, January 14, 2006

The End is Nigh!

Ok... not a particularly original idea but it is! Sob!

I've been running around looking at various specifications and it would seem
that digital cameras are slowing hitting critical mass in regards to the
recording of information.

I was reading a website the other day where a 'scientific type' had equated
the 135 version of Velvia (which isn't a slouch in the 'lack of grain'
world) to something between 10 and 16 megapixels. See

Considering that the Prosumer Nikon D200 comes in a tick over 10 and others
will shortly also creep up then 35mm film is 'almost' redundant. The sensor
on the D200 is not as sophisticated as the high-end D2x (or similar) but it
is only a matter of time before costs come down and technology develops
sufficiently to make even Prosumer gear accessible.

I have since talked to an 'expert' and he however has argued that film - in
regards to slide film at least - still records three times the colour range
of a digital sensor.

And ... Nikon apparently will shortly discontinue 6 of it's 8 Film SLRs
leaving only the F6 and FM10!

The 135 version (at least) of various films is also keyed for
discontinuation and in general it's going to be harder and harder to shoot
on film.

The catalyst of this whole exercise was the realisation that last year I
spent enough on Film, Processing and Scanning to buy two (yes two!) D200s!

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