Thursday, February 23, 2006

Update to anyone who reads this...

So... the opening went relatively well. We had 'competition' in a cool kids opening with melted tvs (something like that!) but still managed 30-40 over the course of 2 hours.

Have also since had a few 'prominent' people through (who shall remain nameless for suspenseful reasons!) and feedback has been generally good.

I'm personally a bit frustrated by the process - as always - as people seemed to expend far too much energy asking me where or what things are. Similar with Elisa, people were/are more hung up on technique than

I was nervous enough to actually answer but in retrospect should have closed the door and said it has nothing to do with actual places or objects but places and objects as concepts.

In hindsight you will always have so many cool things to say at particular moments! A bed is a very powerful metaphor and is a kitchen table.... sigh!

Bit of a Claudine moment ... 'I don't want to think!'

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