Thursday, May 11, 2006

New Camera in the stable!

Ok... not that new. It's been around for a while and is already a well loved
member of the family!

Recently purchased a Mamiya RZ67 Pro and absolutely adore it! Heavy as a
brick (can't shot without a tripod for fear of breaking something -- ie. an
arm!) but so beautiful to use or even just look at.

The step up in image size is already showing significant improvements in
image quality. I'm shooting almost exclusively on Astia Roll Film which has
an extremely fine grain - RMS 7 for those who know what that means.

It also treats colour delicately which is very important for my new work ---
low light interior work. Soft gradients of light and dark are retained and
don't step, shadows hold detail, etc.

A great quality lens really makes a difference and also shows in the images.

The only problem is that I only have one 120 back at the moment so it's
quite a balancing act to change films on location.

The two 645s are my 'running around' cameras now and the 35s probably just
for travelling.

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