Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Recently in Chateau Zebra

We've finally been finding some time to catch up with the world. I've
been downloading Podcasts, Vodcasts (or whatever the new buzz word is)
and other stuff over quite a while and we know have quite a bit of
content to work through.

Top of the list was 'Loose Change' which we finally saw the other
night. has the lightest version (270MB) which conveniently
also has German subtitles. Highly recommended as very enlightening and
one for all us conspiracy-ists-ists.

We also have been working our way through the TED talks. Particularly
enjoyed Hans Rosling and Al Gore.

There are then the various side shows. In particular Ricky Gervais'
video podcast which is fine art!

Even though we watch the 'Chaser's War on Everything' religiously on
TV, it's still (more than) great to be able to download that!

Magnum has a great show which is very inspiring. Jeff Curto's
photography history lectures are completely online often with support
material to click along to on his website. His critique podcast is also

The Radiant Vista and Daily Vista are good value as well as the usual
techie sites like 2 minute Photoshop tips.

Heinrich Schmidt's Art Videos are interesting, especially the video
from Michael Maria Tichy which has an unreal quality to it.

JTV has started to post stuff and it's good value if just for the Like
a Version covers. Download Episode 1 and listen to the resurrectors do
last nite from the strokes! About 2:30 in!

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