Saturday, September 02, 2006


Finally, after much drama and many an anxious moment we can finally say that
it's in the can for both Joondalup and BankWest!

We had intended to have everything finished literally weeks/months ago but
life has a tendency to get in the way.

That all said, I had to reprint one image three (!) times (at considerable
expense) until it felt right --- it's still a bit dark but that's being more
pedantic than really is necessary.

Working with a new lab - in hindsight - was a bit risky but ultimately it
all worked out after a bit of early panic.

Elisa has spent well in excess of 200 hours completing her piece for
Joondalup. Final dimensions are 220cm x 110cm in a diptych form which, for
those who know the detail in her work, is huge!

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