Saturday, November 04, 2006

Feet Dragging

I need to get started on 'The Players' and I must admit that I seem to be pushing anything and everything in front of it in order to avoid getting film in camera.
The Players is the second component of 'drei' and involves confrontational portraiture. Not confrontational in a literal visual sense but more in the process itself.
I guess the fear is that I need to initiate that confrontation and it scares me to death. There is this bi-directional trust that needs to be established and it involves me stepping far outside my comfort zone by admitting an interest.
I also fear that the process itself won't work. I need people to also
step outside their comfort zone and I'm sure that this disquiet will not exactly be motivational for most.
On another note, I got a very nice phone call from a visitor to BankWest the other day. He was quite keen on purchasing the piece (probably won't but the thought was right) and he gave me some good feedback.
I don't know who I need to say 'It's ok' to be satisfied but some is far better than none.

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