Saturday, December 16, 2006

A collection of thoughts about 'drei'*, 'The Players'* and a few other snippets.

It's been a quite intense (and occasionally dangerous) process with some of the images and the feedback I've gotten from various sources has been reassuring. It's quite difficult to do the work and not make it 'too' kitsch.
Some of them are also quite dark thematically and it's a fine line between implied narrative and freaking people out. The bicycle image under place/home is one of the classic examples. As the series has a lot to do
with context you can imagine what happens when you put that next to some of the other images.
I keep having these ideas about putting 'The Players' together with some of the interior shots or in judgmental rows, etc.
I've been developing sketches of the portraiture and I'm finally getting closer to at least the aesthetic. I bought some ND filters for the RZ but have decided not to use them in the end.
I'll have to get where I need to go digitally as with both an ND4 & ND8 on at the same time I'm pretty much blind through the prism. It equates to 6 stops which will be great in heavy light conditions outside.... but....
The modelling light on the 500W head is not giving me enough to actually see what I'm shooting in the studio. Not too keen on cooking the model with a huge halogen just so I can see something!
In early tests I missed the focus and that freaks me out too much considering the process.
Video Art ideas are solidifying quite nicely... I have 2 or 3 ready to go and will YouTube them as they are finished. Essentially they are more installation pieces but I like the idea of democratising them more than what I normally do.
We had a very interesting talk to David Bromfield today at Kurb. He has some strong views about the Perth art scene which were great to hear and not just think. It's an odd town in many ways and I think he's correct when it comes to the requirement of a fundamental shift.
Perth NEEDS great major shows that inspire and enlighten both the general populace and the arts community as well. Apathy is the most dangerous blade of all, especially considering the devaluation of creative practice in the popular media.
We are hermits so we can't claim any knowledge of the finer aspects of the local art scene. At the same time, we feel strongly that art has a fundamental role to play in both collective and an individuals wellbeing irrelevant of which form it might take.
Could rant all night but I'm grinding my teeth. Onward!

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