Friday, January 12, 2007

Hey Hot Shot Winter Edition

drei #21So... sent some stuff off to Jen Bekman's Hey Hot Shot Competition the other day and got listed on the HHS blog. A (very) nice thing to wake up to this morning.


s2art said...

can you justify the sixty bucks US for this?

zebra factory said...

I see HHS as a genuine chance to get my work seen by the right people - nothing more, nothing less.

This is not an easy thing considering the visual screaming and yelling that currently abounds in both the art and photography 'worlds'.

The US$60 seems steep but I feel it's highly focussed exposure. We spend much, MUCH more on our exhibitions and that's in the hope that the right people 'might' come and have a look.

With HHS at least I have a 'captive' audience.

I am a realist though in that I have close to no chance of ever being selected for an edition. Maybe, in the end, I'm just a sucker for punishment!