Saturday, February 24, 2007

James Nachtwey on Amadelio

James Nachtwey provides some interesting, if brief, insight into the motivations of photojournalists on Amadelio. This is an excerpt from War Photographer. The trailer of which puts his work into context.

I've always found the (very necessary) detachment of photojournalism to be an extremely compelling. The supposed bubble generated by the camera that surrounds the image maker is hard to fathom.

The thing that is intriguing about the brief film snippet is the inherent lonliness of the profession. It must be very difficult to have to shut off emotions in such situations and there is a braveness that far exceeds the physical danger alone.

I truly admire James, Salgado and Gilles Peress for their strength and conviction.

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zebra factory said...

So... James has since deservedly won the Ted Prize.

See: Ted's website for more detail.