Sunday, March 25, 2007

The problem with blogging...

... is actually thinking up something interesting to say.

I stumble across things in life and I automatically think 'I should post these thoughts' but inevitably time shifts, priorities change and I don't actually sit down and do it - many a 'great' thought has fallen by the wayside.

There is a degree of ego in this whole blog thing - the hope that someone might be reading - but at the same time it's nice to simply vent.

On the news front, I got accepted for the $15,000 BankWest Prize in November - no pressure!

I'm slowing working through a series of portraiture (incl. self-) and have been doing more on SIASL. I also revisited some other objects and have reshot them as I wasn't happy with initial results. I'm more and more comfortable with the RZ but shooting with it freehand is exhausting as it weighs a tonne with the prism on it as well.

Most recent work has been B&W (Delta 100) which is playing nice for a change. The 120 rolls of Delta are quite hard to get a hold of in Perth so I've had to go online for it. Even in so far as importing it from the US!

It might be an 'age' thing but I feel more 'sure' in my work. Almost like I feel good about it all .... that might sound odd, but for people who know me personally that's not something in the foreground.

Anyway... so ends post 101 (! that's a lot of fluff !)

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