Monday, June 04, 2007

The 'E' Words

As sad, pathetic and - more importantly - self-absorbed it may seem, I have managed to pin my happiness to two simple and infinitely fragile words.

I dare not utter, write or even breathe these words outside my messed-up head for fear of jinxing their (potential) usage in the future.

In literally all of my misplaced 'achievement' fantasies they are key emotional moments in any success.

It feels wrong to load a simple collection of letters and sounds with so much importance, especially when you consider that who should utter them is much more important.

Worst still, what will I do should - fictional deity forbid - they ever actually be used!?

Words have always been important to me and I've recently realised that I miss them in my work. All this after spending so much time pushing them away!

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