Thursday, August 30, 2007

Because tomorrow will be a bit hectic...

Lou Rhodes has a fanastic (and very moving) voice. I really like Lamb and her voice was key to that.

I've been working a (little) bit (too) intensely on getting the drei pairs finalised and that's messing with my head. All are very melodramatic but I'm not sure what they are saying... if that makes any sense.

It's a bit like listening to a song in another language. The melody and tonality of the music might be something special but without the backbone clear in your head the 'aching love song' you thought you were listening to could really be about how to milk cows on a Tuesday.... with passion of course!

The pairs themselves tell their stories and there would seem a (at the moment) tenuious thread throughout the series. I guess the problem is that they are also ambigious to me... I would like to pin a story to each rather than just have a sensation when viewing them... that said, I find the ambiguity interesting as depending on my mood, the sensations vary in intensity.

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