Thursday, August 02, 2007

Ozco Grants, Schmoozing & Pokadots

We got 'notice' that the New Work results are in the post ... fingers aching from crossed-ness.

Loading it all up too much (tend to do that!) as have no chance of getting one - but there's always this niggling and rather irritating 'What if?'

I was joking the other day with someone that I should put an advert in the arts section for a professional schmoozer - I do believe they might be called agents!

We just don't have the skill set for it and whilst it's rather obviously not the 'secret to success' it would seem to be a major component of getting anywhere in life.... that and a degree from a certain institution.

We also suffer from the tyranny of distance.... getting to a opening in Freo is like a half-day trip!

Listening to: (St)icky Thump! It's almost sickening how happy miserable (blues) music makes me. "I'm breaking my teeth trying to bite my lip", "The hunted became the huntress, the hunter became the prey..."

Says everything in one hit....

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