Saturday, August 25, 2007


As written to a friend:
Art 'should' never be precious - it's a total myth that 'product' is important. It really is just a 'by-product' of process, innovation and ideas.

It's all a bit like driving a car - it might move you along in relative comfort but the exhaust can be really smelly and traffic can be fairly heavy.

You could also walk or ride and ultimately you might even get to the 'destination' a lot quicker - plus have the added bonus of being able to smell the flowers along the way!

It all comes from a commodity-driven culture --- everything is 'for sale' and has a 'value'. The world thrives on 'have' and 'want' versus the much more virtuous 'feel' and 'experience'.

There is always this ridiculous balancing act between 'just' creating something and having to portray some semblance of brand. ie. Jane Meisterin - 'Just Art Ain't It?'.

This is something that drives both of us to distraction as we're stuck in a cycle of make, show, make, show rather than just create, create, create.

I've said to Elisa a few times that we really need to just work without 'purpose' for a while to develop ideas independent of a framework (show, award, etc).

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