Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Grant Writing & other Dentistry

It's very difficult not to be apathetic when a succession of failures eventuate.

Our ArtsWA and OzCo grant applications unfortunately feel short - both of which involved an extreme amount of teeth pulling and - much more importantly - favour 'calling'.

This on top of other recent knock-backs makes for a numbness that's not the best look.

The ArtsWA grants in particular require extraordinary detail. As it is the recent results reflect a more institutional/group focus with only two established visual artists receiving project support.

As much as the money would help and as sad as it is, it would seem pointless for us to try again. This especially so when the gathering of support letters, quotes, etc requires a lot of schmoosing and calling in of said favours.

Better to save those for when there is a more likely positive outcome.

Ironically enough my BankWest piece speaks to this as well - at least on an emotional level. All very cathartic.

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