Friday, November 23, 2007

Election tomorrow...

Thank &#% that's almost over... John Clarke and Bryan Dawe summed it up so nicely last night on the 7.30 Report.

It has been an incredibly depressing campaign with constant negativity on TV. EVERY ad break there is 'They are going to eat you alive!', 'Watch out behind you!', etc, etc

This popped out yesterday and summarizes the desparation, racism and underhandedness of the campaigning...

The worst is the argument that the unions have been running a similar campaign on WorkChoices.... It all ends up generating the playground responses you might expect. The lesser of two evils is still evil.

It's very hard not to be cynical when some of the rhetoric thrown about has been laughable in it's extremes. Various prominent politicians have been notable by their lack of TV presence in recent times and you have to wonder if the Libs especially have seen the damage that can be done by the absentees merely opening their mouths.

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broken english said...

It's very interesting indeed to get some insight in australian politics. On the other side of the globe, the australing election is nothing more than 2 min. in the news (and only one time). And details like the faked pamphlets will never make it to our news at all. (What's kind of funny about it, is that compared to europe, for australia it's extremly unlikely to suffer an terrorattack.)

I would be very interested to read your opioning on the results.