Thursday, December 06, 2007

Edward Burtynsky @ FotoFreo08

I was talking to someone the other day about Manufactured Landscapes and it's opening pan shot.

It looks like Burtynsky will be showing during FF08 which is really good news! His ecologically-based works are shockingly beautiful and very apt at this junction of history.

The images themselves are amazing on an aesthetic level and what is especially profound are his statements about the landscapes being intentional rather than bomb sites as well the idea of observation versus statement. His images are what he sees and by simply showing these scenes - making us aware - the statement is in the viewers judgement.

The classical example would be to show a dead soldier alone and rotting - like the famous image of an Iraqi soldier on the side of a road - versus the physical act of killing versus showing those who mourn sans-body.

I can only hope he will be in town and do a presentation similar to that in Manufactured Landscapes.

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