Saturday, December 22, 2007

End of the Year

Well ... the year is almost done and it's generally a time where I reflect on the extent of whatever failures may or may not have eventuated.

At the end of 2006 I said to myself that this last year would be one where I would throw it all at the wall... and hope that something might stick.

To a certain degree it did with the Josephine Ulrick & Win Schubert photography exhibition over east, the IPA Best of Show in the US and the catharsis of creating the BankWest image.

I got to work as one of four artists on my first major commission which 'should' come to fruition early next year and did quite well in the real world.

Added to that, last night I got formal notification that drei @ Breadbox will be included in the FotoFreo 2008 Programme which is a nice end to it all.

There were disappointments of course as well as a few teeth-nashing moments of frustration but - as a whole - it was a good year.

I guess when I sit down and think about what I want to achieve next year or even over the next three it does scare me a bit.

In 2008 I will confront my greatest fear and look at approaching various galleries both here and over east. The last time I did this - in Germany in my naive youth - it was a very traumatic experience that knocked me back years in confidence. I guess with more maturity - both in the work and my outlook on life - I should cope better.

Either which way... for those souls who might actually read this (!) inane collection of thoughts - thank you for your time and I look forward to distracting you from life in 2008 as well.

Something nice and fluffy to end the year from the Kill Devil Kills... on this note and tone, bring on 2008!

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