Sunday, December 02, 2007

New Work

drei is in the can with the exception of a bit of tweaking. It's unlikely that I will be able to exhibit the full 24 images due to space constraints but I will do the full suite in the publication that will support the exhibition.

It's all just post-production now which is much more about logistics - for me at least - than creative choices.

So... with a free mind I've been looking at the next steps.

Three series (the irony is not lost on those who know that drei is German for three) have begun to crystallise.

The first and most significant is masks. This is a series that has almost formed itself over the last few years. I have done quite a bit of incidental shooting of constructions sites, earthworks and the like. Mostly these have been shots I've seen when driving around or stumbled across whilst doing other things.

Slowly a pattern has emerged both on a aesthetic level and also conceptually. The ideas of change as a protective mechanism, hiding the scars with paint, the breaking of bones to set them right, etc, etc.

The second is called strangers and is quite classical in nature. These are monochromatic botanical studies in a studio setting. Essentially I'm looking at the contrast between introduced versus native plant species, both fresh and as they decay.

The third is currently untitled. It is basically new work in the What I Am (2006) series but in colour. I'm revisiting this after recently reading some autobiographical text that my Grandmother wrote for a genealogical publication.

This was so vivid, colourful and visual in it's nature. It struck me how I fell into the words so comfortably and when I emerged I was distinctively numb... I want to look at that feeling and colour work seems particularly appropriate.

I've been obsessively sourcing new props from ebay for this series. The images are often very specific and when I find one thing I then know that this has to go with that and the search is extended.

I would love to pay tribute to particular sentences/paragraphs from her text but the extensive scene dressing that would be required would border on madness.

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