Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Greatness of Cindy Sherman

I was looking around YouTube for some new tidbits and realised whilst watching a piece on Cindy Sherman that I've never seen her 'playing' herself.

It brings up interesting ideas as to how she shows herself. Is this personality a concoction or 'true'... Roland Barthes wrote something fascinating about this concept in Camera Lucida.
The portrait-photograph is a closed field of forces. Four image-repertoires intersect here, oppose and distort each other. In front of the lense, I am at the same time: the one I think I am, the one I want others to think I am, the one the photographer thinks I am, and the one he makes use of to exhibit his art. - Roland Barthes

This obviously also applies outside the act of creating the object... the same cracks appear in almost any interaction.

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