Thursday, January 24, 2008

Visionary Art? Art-e-vision?

Given that there are only a small number of 'free-to-air' television channels in Australia the selection of Visual Arts Programming (or even arts in general) is very limited - local or international.

There is the odd exception - Not Quite Art and The Art Life (both ABC) from 2007 as examples - but otherwise the content is much more to be found online.

The following are just some of the more interesting vlogs/article-based mini-shows that we regularly watch:

1. Vernissage TV

2. TateShots

3. KQED Gallery Crawl

4. Cool Hunting

5. Not Quite Art

6. Photo Awesome

The production values vary wildly but they are all refreshing in their own way.

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broken english said...

Interesting Links! Some of the shows are too "intellectual arty" for me, but "Cool Hunting" is incredibly, well... cool. Very good show with some really inspiring videos! For example the guy who catches webs.

This is amazing! This man could have jumped from a Jeff Vandermeer Story. I'm reading his "Secret Life" Anthology and "The Man Who Catches Webs" is exactly the kind of Vandermeers bizarre Ideas. Wow.