Saturday, February 16, 2008

Update on drei... if anyone's interested!

So... well into post production which has been close to hiccup free so far. Of the 18 prints for the final show I now have 10 full-size and 'in hand'. They are just being finished off at Photoad. There is only one more colour image to be outputted (was approved in proofing on Friday) and 7 (!) portraits to go.

The later I'm working on 'relatively' intensively and I finally found the mood that I was looking for after some tests on Friday. The more I look at them, I recognise the inspiration garnered from Chuck Close's Daguerreotypes. This in the simplicity, intimacy and intensity of the confrontation.

See here and here for examples.

The texts from the two authors are nearing completion and I'm hoping to have the book done well in advance of the opening. The less stress the better!

On a sidenote he has one mean lookin' wheelchair!

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