Thursday, March 13, 2008

Raw Music

I still maintain that Timbaland makes fantastic tunes once you get rid of the 'boy-ishness'. There were vids up on YouTube and you could get to appreciate the genius minus the 'distractions'.

Bounce has some amazing use of breathing to create complex layers of sound. This is especially noticable through some good headphones.

Ayo Technology (50 Cent) seems to be using old 8bit stuff from computer games... some of it sounds like old C64 stuff... there's the geek in me! Man... the lyrics in that song are a bit 'sad'.

Cool Hunting did an interesting series on 8-bit music as well...

Introducing Mr. Amon Tobin.

Foley Room is something that gets pulled out at least once a week for a few tracks - very inspiring.

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