Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Day Job...

Just have to keep 'doodling' I suppose?!

That's the problem with committing to doing this properly - funding has to magically come from somewhere. In our cases, from me working in the 'real' world at least a portion of the week.

That is not to say that I don't enjoy doing that - if anything it's nice to turn my brain over to other tasks - but occassionally it does knock me around when one half of the column is heavier than the other.

It must be one of those days... I feel 'ok' one moment, down the next. I'm more and more aware how looking at work by other artists - especially photomedia - gets me down. Specifically, yesterday I was looking again at Selina Ou and obviously FotoFreo is weighing me down.

It's all a bit square peg/round hole thing where I find myself thinking my work 'should' look like 'this' whilst at the same time screaming that it SHOULDN'T look like that! I'm happy that my work is different yet paranoid for exactly the same reason.

The crisis of over saturation - ie. you have to balance how much you see with how much you vacuumise your practice. A few years ago Elisa addressed a similar problem by deliberately avoiding the work of 'The Others' so as to develop a unique aesthetic.

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