Monday, April 28, 2008

Ed is dead...

... not really - well at least not that I know.

The mythical 'Ed' (in my case) was in fact a guy called ... Ed who was fanatically protective of 'his' music. Amongst others in his stable were Neds Atomic Dustbin and soon to be demi-gods... The Smashing Pumpkins.

After much begging for a copy, in frustration I ended up buying - with much effort - a copy of the Ned's God Fodder. He genuinely took it VERY personally that we were 'stealing' his music. Added to this was us thinking that 'Ed is Dead' was off the planet hilarious - didn't go down well.

One gem that did some how slip through the 'Net called Ed' was a copy of Gish and the SP Peel sessions - a revelation. I was sitting at the shop window with nose pressed against the glass waiting for Siamese Dream to be released, harassed the shop owner until his ears bled and when I finally did get a copy, the first listen was so euphoric I didn't come down for weeks.

Seeing them at the BDO in Auckland in 94 (93?) was another revelation...

In hindsight the music was very good pop rock but it really made me exceedingly happy in heady times.

1979 had a similar effect but my head was somewhere else by them.

Both still stop me in my tracks though.

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