Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hanging from the rafters....

We installed both shows yesterday in a little over 4 hours (30 artworks!) and with minimal issues. It went up very quickly thanks to some very thorough planning. Too hard, and more importantly stressful, on the fly...

The shows open tomorrow night and we've had close to 40 RSVPs. This is much more than normal - most people tend not to RSVP - but given that it's forecast to rain we're not sure what to expect. Someone (!) once told me to expect something like 10% of the number of invitations you send out at the actual opening. There is unfortnately no rule from said guru when it's moist.

The shows look very grown-up with three black temp walls down the middle of the gallery and a little white wall for signage towards the front. Elisa's work pings on black and we jokingly asked the production co-ordinator if we could paint the whole gallery black!

I got some vinyl lettering done and have put titles on the front wall. We also installed A3 posters of the four essays at the beginning of each show and have scattered some plinths.

Breadbox has reconfigured the entrance to the gallery so that instead of walking in through the front door, you instead come through a small entrance on the right. This makes for a nice, clean glass wall across the front.

Will film a walkthrough on the weekend as well as post some digis.

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