Sunday, May 18, 2008

Victory!... and other misnomers

I have been thinking a lot recently about the concept of success and how that might (or might not) be quantified.

It comes from writing to various people about our inherent pessimism and - as you might expect - from the recent rehashing of the great 'Mission Accomplished'.

The 'joke' was that unless exactly the 'right' person fell weeping to the floor in front of work, we'd always be a bit 'It would have been nice if...'

The same applies to my desire for various 'E' words... but again, they have to come from exactly the 'right' person.

That said, we are both a bit apathetic - admittedly we shouldn't be - about some recent successes. This is oddly disquieting, especially when the thickened layer of skin feels a bit warmer than usual.

It's interesting how the positives seem to bounce off (for want of a better phrase) whilst the negatives dig in.

Not sure how to approach it all but it has supplied me - at least - with a series of new ideas.

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