Friday, June 20, 2008


One of the suggestions in the recent 'Focus on Writing in WA' was the creation of an anthology of writing about the various exhibitions and other arts activities.

Quite often text is penned for catalogues or as wall candy for the work... these are then only seen and 'maybe' read by a very small demographic.

This same 'problem' is encountered by text that appears in the various quarterlies.

The logistics of collecting such texts is not too dramatic and given proper funding and 'flexibility' of the various publications, I think such a project 'could' be very helpful.

The other idea is a videographic version of the same thing. A good - albeit event-based - model of this could be Vernissage TV or the personality-focussed KQED's gallery crawl. Both of these are also available through iTunes as well as YouTube.

This later model ideally would be independently shot and set to relatively strict parameters (time, style, etc) although any is better than none.

Just a thought....

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