Monday, June 16, 2008

Chipped glass...

Not feeling the best today... apathetic in a bad way and forcing myself to 'think' a bit to 'get over it'...

A lot of work bouncing around in my head which tends to be a bit disconcerting. I really want to get shooting on the next series but need to buy a few more props first and talk myself into it a bit. There is always the fear that it won't 'work' as visualised or - worse - will leave me cold.

Artsource's new newsletter arrived in the post today. It's not yet online but is worth a look if you get the chance. This is the issue that looks at the state of writing in WA. My thoughts, as previously posted, can be found here.

We're going to a talk by Merryn Gates on Wednesday night which might prove interesting. There is also a workshop coming up in July (19th? need to check) about relationships with galleries and Art World Magazine (empty site) is coming 'to town' to look at the locals - all held and/or organised by Artsource.

I'm considering putting in an application for an artist residency up north. Personally would love to do it as a lot of heritage buildings are involved but logistically it might prove very difficult.

We are planning to finally do a detour to Melbourne on the way to the Tamworth Fibre Textile Biennial. Elisa is throwing around the idea of doing an artist talk during the big weekend. Her work is featured in the advertisement and two articles are also due very shortly. The first is in Craft Arts International (readership approx. 125,000) which should appear on the shelves in early July late September.

I'll try and cue up some meetings in Melbourne but don't hold much hope.

I'm not sure what has caused it but I'm getting quite jaded of late. It could be a few rejections but they normally bounce off... the skin does tend to thicken when grazed enough times.

I can't drag people to our shows or force the work into their vision. It's gotten to the point where I feel that I'm being pushy - although that is a relative term - so I'm very hesitant to 'try, try, try again'. At what point do I give up on being the 'right' person for the 'right' people at the 'right' time?

The work will go on but I almost think I'm kidding myself if I think I can crack these clique walls that I constantly seem to encounter in life.

I don't 'blame' people or even project any maliciousness.... but it is a helpless feeling nonetheless.

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