Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The problem with technology...

When the Nikon D200 was released it was the first DSLR where I did a double-take on doing the *move*. Weighing it up at the time, the economic factors (it would have actually saved me money) versus romance and quality proved a bit painful.

Having talked myself out of it, I still looked at it with twinges every now and then.

Then... #$%&% Nikon bought out the D300... a few nervous ticks later I settled on the same deal. After weighing it all up, the DX sensor, lense costs, (lack of) dollars at that particular time and the super sexy D3 talked me out of it.

Seems silly now... but I keep seeing the next level up and I'm niggled by the thought that I'd much prefer this than that.

If I was being pedantic, I'd kill for a Mamiya ZD or a H3DII but that's not going to happen!

So what did Nikon do?....

It's the typical problem with technology... I'm very much aware that the price/performance beast is always moving but the idea that I'd buy something that would be superceded (in some cases dramatically so) within 6-12 months makes me queasy.

I don't like this consumer 'trap' of always needing the latest toy. I'd much prefer something that simply does what I want, without complaint and without costing the world.

Irrelevant of all the technical stuff, romance is also a factor. Film feels right.

I have the same problem with computers... whether it be procrastination or whatever Scottish blood I might have, reason always pulls me back from the edge.

The only weak point is physical contact... I'm very cautious when it comes to actually testing one as it might be an expensive afternoon.

Update: DP Review has posted an enthusiastic and very thorough review... I have already talked myself out of it after downloading full sized samples from the same site that were made with the D3 - the bigger, brighter cousin of the D700 with access to a trust fund. Whilst the tones are very nice, the size is still very much an issue.

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