Saturday, July 05, 2008

Smart cookies...

It's incomprehendable that a multinational such as McDonalds would be this stupid..
Around The World in 70 Days, Wednesday, May 28 2008

Starting today McDonald’s Australia customers will get the chance to taste their way around the world in 70 days! To celebrate its sponsorship of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games McDonald’s will be introducing five new products, each reflecting one the world’s five continents... McDonald’s Director of Marketing, Helen Farquhar said McDonald’s has partnered with the Olympic Games for more than 30 years and this year it wanted to make the Games even more meaningful and personal for customers... and will bring to life the global flavours and diversity of the Games along with a sense of unity and national pride,” said Ms Farquhar.

The McAfrica will be on sale until July 11.

Enough to make your stomach turn... in more ways than one I'd imagine.

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