Monday, September 01, 2008

Failure vs Rejection

As I've slowly come to expect, today was another tainted by the bitter taste of rejection - this time from the Fremantle Arts Centre .... again. The letterhead design and phraseology is universally familiar...

Normally these are peppered with 'We regret to inform you that...', '...was unfortunately unsuccessful' and other such - often ambigious - gems.

Whilst I shouldn't take this all personally, I really am struggling to get past the helplessness of it all. It's gotten to the point where I slowly don't have the energy to throw myself yet again against these rather solid and impenetrable walls.

That which disturbs me most is it's hard to define what this 'wall' exactly is. Is it that the work is a failure? Are the proposals weak? Intellectually? Formally?

This rather consistent rejection is slowly convincing me that maybe I'm fooling myself to try to fit into the formal establishment.

All intensely frustrating and humbling.

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