Sunday, November 09, 2008

18th Tamworth Fibre Textile Biennial

15 November 2008 - 18 January 2009

Tamworth Regional Gallery
466 Peel Street
Tamworth NSW 2340

Two pieces from Elisa's The Strange Quiet of Things Misplaced will be exhibited as part of the Biennial exhibition: Momentum.

Curated by Valerie Kirk (Head of the ANU School of Art Textiles Workshop), this is a major touring show that, following the initial exhibition at the Tamworth Regional Art Gallery, travels for two years throughout regional eastern Australia.

It will 'present the vibrancy of contemporary Australian textiles, exploring the forces that drive our most innovative and accomplished practitioners. Momentum identifies the artists on the move, embracing the future with works that surprise and inspire... This exhibition will provide audiences with a focus on the finest and most exploratory aspects of contemporary fibre textile practice.'

The Strange Quiet of Things Misplaced was first exhibited at Breadbox Gallery in Perth, Western Australia from April 18-May 04, 2008.

'Memory is a mystery. We imagine it as being some sort of cupboard where things are stored and pulled out when needed. But sometimes things are misplaced and it's only then, when our memory has failed us that we brood over its nature,' she says.

The patterns she creates are intensely intricate, geometrical and repetitive, hinting at our perception of memories as a tidy, reassuring archive. These are then disrupted to illustrate the uncertainty and inaccuracy of our recollections. They dissolve, disappear and re-appear altered.

These challenging and intimate artworks are the culmination of over two year's work. Elisa will also be participating in the artist talks on Saturday, November 15.

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