Saturday, January 24, 2009

Don't let the ...

I did my second of three shoots at the here touted 'super' location on Friday. It had a much different feel this time, helped significantly by about 10 degrees difference in temperature.

I was there for a bit under three hours and spent quite a bit of time in an old commercial kitchen. I found myself (unplanned) focussing on snippets and I was having quite a bit of fun improvising light modifiers in a very alien place.

I half joked to Elisa when I got home that I shot an Eggleston, Evans, Horsfield, Shore and even a Penn (!)... pity no Pulitzer!

The third visit will essentially be about tidying up any loose ends and concentrating on one final building that I haven't looked at yet. So far I'm up to 12 films so a significant stash of material is stacking up. Obviously there is a bit of overlap and 'failures' but in general I would safely say that 20-30 substantial images will come out of this 'experience'.

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