Saturday, January 17, 2009

Place as a ... place....

I ran around on Friday at a fresh location (after a bit of negiotation and form signing) and I have to admit to coming away with mixed feelings.

The venue itself (as previously discussed) was not as fruitful as envisaged but it still proved interesting on a variety of levels.

The 'story' aspect was pushed further in that I directly engaged with a 'real' person connected to that place on more than a superficial level. I will likely revisit the site late next week after - hopefully - seeing the first results Monday afternoon.

The mixed feelings came as 'pride' in the newer work clashed against the news this week that I am slowly in a hopeless situation in Perth.

The problem with making an 'attempt' is that rejection, or other manifestations leave you with just more of a hole to dig yourself out of. This on more than one level - both emotionally and professionally - and it makes 'going on' a difficult question.

In the last few days I've seriously considered whether it even makes sense showing my work here or whether I should consider trying my luck interstate or overseas. There is the 'problem' that if opportunity is limited and the various avenues are closed - literally or otherwise - what is the point of 'running the advert' of having a show here? Does it not make more sense to show the work where it might actually be looked at or, more importantly, get a response formally or otherwise?

An exhibition is quite often - for me - an opportunity to present a 'face' to the 'industry'. If the industry is disinterested or otherwise distracted, should I perhaps look somewhere else? This is especially the case given the not insignificant expenses involved.

Idealistically speaking, a show is for me about celebrating an idea and rounding off a project... but logistically it is ALWAYS also going to be about making another step in a 'career'... whatever that is?!

I guess I'm just a bit shellshocked... given that there are VERY limited places (commercial or otherwise) where my work (admittedly not the 'prettiest') could be shown here, what do I do when all doors are closed.... for whatever reason?

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