Sunday, January 04, 2009

'Who?', he gasped.

Both Elisa and I freely admit to being fans of the Doctor Who. I introduced Elisa to it on a 'hunch' when the new flush started with Christopher Eccleston. David Tennant has since gone on - with his infinitely poetic 'What?!? What?!?' - to really do great things with the character.

Yesterday it was announced that Matt Smith - who?!? ain't that ironic? - has been cast as the 11th Doctor.

Doctor Who scared the &^%$ out of me as a child but it was sci-fi and for someone mad for Star Wars it was 'close enough' to scratch that itch at that time. I drifted away from it fairly quickly but in my 'old age' and new, pop-ish scripts, I can relax into it more.

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