Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yet another edition of images on my....

I'm not sure why his name 'popped' into my head but recently I've been revisiting some of Frank Hurley's work.

This is a 'composite' image of multiple images. Hurley was wanting to show the scene as he saw it rather than how it was 'recorded'.

There is an interesting documentary up on YouTube which is fascinating viewing.

I've also been writing an essay over the last few weeks about truth, factual-ness and other such things. Both Philip-Lorca diCorcia and Walker Evans are discussed - in particular diCorcia's Heads (2000) and Walker Evans' Subway series (1938-1941).

I've also become more and more interested in how certain photographers - deliberately or otherwise - are recycling or making reference to other's work. Obviously it's heady ground with 'intent' vs. 'universality' but I find that these and these are good examples.

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