Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Colour and other Crisii...

That's an attempt at a plural.

Colour is making my head spin at the moment... I seem to be quite sensitive to certain casts so I keep mucking about (a bit too much to be honest) until I think it's right. The problem is when I come back the next day and it looks so wrong it's not amusing.

I also have the problem that certain colours I've got in the prints for five are borderline. There are a few pinks that, depending on the quality of life, vary from 'candy' to 'dirty' to 'yellow' and back again within minutes of each other.

This is not a matter of bulbs as even mild shifts in intensity of light seem to cause me all sorts of problems. If a cloud goes past they look rubbish but glorious when the sun's out again... the next day the inverse 'seems' the case .... arghhh!

There are quite large neutral areas (typically 10% tone) in various images and these are also a 'joy'.

I have a little 'wall' with miniatures of the entire show. These micro-prints are about 2 x 3 inches each. Whilst it's good to see it all together at the same time, the perspective is something that would never happen given the size of the prints and layout of the gallery.

I find myself trying to make certain images 'work' together that might be 20cm apart on my board by 10 metres apart in the actual gallery... and around a corner as well.

I decided at one stage to pick the 14 best images but struggle to get away from the spectacle aspect of 'what' is imaged. I have a large selection of images that I adore but won't show them at PCP given that the content will distract the intent.

It's a bit like an image of a celebrity and how that affects the viewing of their representation... people often say that they can't seem the character in a movie but rather just the actor.

This is quite a good analogy for photography and how many people relate to it. They can't look past the spectacle of what is imaged.

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