Friday, July 31, 2009

Decisions, decisions...

I find myself in a 'special' dip of an already falling arc since last weekend and I've managed to talk myself out of putting in a submission to the FotoFreo Fringe. Any self-confidence I might have had in recent times is completely shot... in a few cases I know exactly why - again with tokenism - but some of the bits and pieces are more abstract.

I've noticed that when I've been let down or disappointed in some way by the 'human', I tend to associate much more to an incident than probably is there.

It's a bit like being stood up at a restaurant... the paranoia swings from 'are they ok?' to 'have I been rejected?' to 'do they not like my taste in food?' to 'am I being punished?' then later through to the irrational - often pompous - anger. Often, it's as simple as they forgot or some small animal unexpectedly died.

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