Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How to look at art ... another manifesto.

'The very things that make [public] galleries matter - chiefly their commitment to cultural values ahead of financial profit - make them vulnerable to political attack. People who know the price of everything and the value of nothing will always bristle at the thought of a new art gallery: just think of all the parking buildings and motorway extensions that could have been built...' (p40)

'Let's also throw out the notion that [art has] secret meanings jealously guarded by a closed circle of robed initiates. You don't put a new CD on the stereo and sit grimly wondering what it means. Nor should [artworks] be subjected to this trial-by-interpretation. They are to be experienced, explored and returned to over time, not solved and abandoned.' (p47)

Justin Paton in 'how to look at a painting'.

Side-note.... I'm intrigued by another book from the same series: 'how to read a book' by Kelly Ana Morey. I can just imagine it having an instruction at the bottom of each page: 'now... move your eyes right and to the top of the next page.'

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