Saturday, August 22, 2009

Horses for courses...

At the moment I have this niggling thought about why I'm putting shows on... if it's to get certain people in Perth to look at the work then it equates to a very expensive and mostly unsuccessful enterprise. The last show - for example - would be enough to make a politician blush at $1000+ a head...

Would the resources then be better spent elsewhere? Am I not just putting on an expensive party (opening) and playing an ego chord or two?

Perhaps artists should take the 'lobbiest' approach and be 'honest':
If I put on a show it will cost me $xyz, essentially just in the hope that you 'might' look at the work. Given that I'll often not know if you 'turned up' why don't I cut out middle management and pay you directly to look at the work?

Such thoughts are obviously played to with portfolio reviews and/or speed 'dating'.

The work will always continue regardless but perhaps the tradition of 'make, show, brood, whine, make, show, brood, whine...' cycle is ultimately a defunct format.

I don't have an alternative but I do see the bottomless pit...

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