Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Who's looking at what, when, where?

Australian Art Collector puts out an enewsletter called 'This Art Week' normally on Tuesdays. I follow this due to the news section at the bottom of each newsletter which often has gems about who's doing what and where.

This week they had a nice snippet about Sydney metro demographics relating to the visiting of various galleries*. Once you get past the fateful typo of 'New South Wakes', the information is actually quite interesting. It was 'done' by Museums & Galleries New South Wales ( and includes the following:

'[Sydney] Metropolitan galleries have become a major tourism drawcard.'
'Around 30% of the audience is made up of international, interstate and regional visitors whose primary reason for visiting Sydney is to see the exhibitions.'
'Whilst blockbusters are the main reason (59%) for Sydneysiders to visit galleries, visitors from outside were most interested (62%) in the permanent collections.'
'97% (!) of all visitors expressed satisfaction at their overall gallery experience.'

I would be extremely interested to know how such a survey would play out here or in other 'major' cities.

* Sample size was 2239 and the included galleries were:
  • Art Gallery of NSW (AGNSW)
  • Artspace
  • Australian Centre for Photography (ACP)
  • Hazelhurst Regional Gallery
  • Hurstville City Museum & Gallery
  • Manly Art Gallery and Museum
  • Mosman Art Gallery
  • Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA)
  • Object: Australian Centre for Craft and Design
  • SH Ervin Gallery, National Trust Centre

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