Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ill-fitting shoes....

In my number-fuelled geek-ness I've been monitoring what our power usage has been since we installed some Solar PV units 176 days ago. I had a little self-righteous smirk when I realised that we are currently producing more power each day than we are actually using.

Admittedly we only use 6.5KW/day (compared to the average 15KW/household/day in Australia) but a smirk is a smirk is a smirk. So.... concerned that my carbon 'shoes' will no longer fit my carbon 'feets', tomorrow I am going on my first major photo shoot since August.

This little excursion will be about a 350km round trip, shot on really toxic silver and plastic 'flavoured' film that was imported via air freight from the USA. It will eventually be developed in some real liquid nastiness.... but ... the results might pull me out of this lull.... What price happiness?

It's really depressing how long I spent thinking that little 'blob' of text up...

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