Sunday, December 20, 2009

Piñata Paradox

The piñata paradox is this odd moment when the world gets all dizzy and you have 'happy' symbols that are there to be attacked. The classic example is the 'xmas' one I saw the other day in the form of a disconcerting old man in a red suit. Go on kids!

I also stumbled across a site that makes customised piñatas and in amongst those were corporate symbols ... I'm assuming those companies ordered them and not their competitors.

With all this brand fetish nonsense you have to wonder if it's a good idea to get customers or employees to attack your figurehead?

Most disturbing of all was the idea of 'adult' piñatas which were mentioned but not shown on the same site. I shudder to think what they might be!

Update: g'd adult piñatas and it's more hens night than bucks… thankfully.

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