Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bits... Plastic or metal?

On Friday I took two cameras to the shoot. These being the Clydesdale (mamiya rz) and a digital backup. The later was there 'just in case' and for what I term digiroids (digital polaroids).

With a faint wisp of warm air the digital packed it in .... Whereas the semi-mechanical camera functioned without issue. The virtue of mechanical devices vs those handicapped by digitalness is that the former functions much better in extremes.... In this case, the digital failed whilst jaywalking rather than rockclimbing so it was very frustrating.

A few times whilst shooting on old FEs or even an FG I used as a 'holiday' camera I've had a battery fail. Simple enough to remedy by turning it to M90 and guessing exposure... With a digital in the same situation I would then be completely photographically blind.

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